Podcast Types

Podcast types for T3 the Warhammer Podcast:

  • Ambush: Ambushes focus on battle reports. If we are testing a theory, we present the theory, play a game, and report. Ambushes can also contain more detailed tournament wrap-ups. Some portions may be recorded on the road resulting in diminished sound quality.

    Deployment Zone: This is another podcast type we are considering. It would take a basic game mechanic, give general examples, illustrate units with special rules that change the aspect of it, and finish with discussions on cases that are disputed (i.e. can multiple wood elf units take the same arrow type since they are magical items). The name may change, but it will be suitably cheesy, because that is how we roll.

    Episode: Episodes contain varied topics. Common recurring topics are: current hobby projects, upcoming tournaments, recent tournaments, and Warhammer releases.

    Vanguard: Vanguards are on the road interviews. The sound quality will be slightly diminished due to using portable microphones.